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#16 HOSPITALITY (3): Provide access control to hospitality pavilions to credentialed individuals. Assist
Marshals to control noise levels within all hospitality pavilions. Provide assistance to all hospitality
patrons. Must be able to stand for long periods of time. Friday – Sunday

#17 & #18 HOSPITALITY (3): Provide access control to hospitality pavilions to credentialed individuals.
Assist Marshals to control noise levels within all hospitality pavilions. Provide assistance to all hospitality
patrons. Must be able to stand for long periods of time. Friday – Sunday

CADDIE (4):  Caddie committee volunteers will be responsible for ensuring that caddies are provided with
clean towels and bibs for the Pro Am and Tournament. Volunteers will also be responsible for the
operation and upkeep of the caddie tent and for driving caddie shuttle vans (Mon-Thur) between Infinite
Energy Center and the Caddie Tent. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided during assigned
shifts. Monday – Sunday

CLIENT SERVICES (3, 4): Provide information and assistance to corporate sponsors and guests to
enhance their enjoyment and create loyalty to the tournament. Assist players when they are interacting
with the sponsors in the hospitality areas. No special skills other than being cordial and
hospitable. Volunteer must be comfortable driving a golf cart. Time commitment is working at least two
of the tournament days for at least half the session but preferably the full day for consistency with the
sponsors. Friday - Sunday

CLUBHOUSE MARSHALS (1a, 1b): Provide access control to clubhouse areas to credentialed
individuals. Assist Marshals to control noise levels on clubhouse grounds adjacent to the golf course.
Provide assistance to all hospitality patrons. Must be able to stand for 1-2 hours at a time, either inside
the Clubhouse or in close proximity outside the Clubhouse. Should be flexible as to start or end times
based on the schedule of play. Wednesday – Sunday

DRIVE RECORDERS (1a, 1b, 3): Volunteers work in teams to measure the distance of drives of
professionals on particular holes, using laser range finders and flags. A mandatory short training session
will be held prior to the tournament, the date, time and location TBD. This is all outdoors so the weather
could vary; need to stay through rain delays, if any. Must be mobile (able to walk on and off the fairway
after each group hits), able to operate a headset with good speech and listening skills, and be available to
work all day (from start of play until end), all three days of tournament play. Friday - Sunday

DRIVING RANGE (1a, 1b, 3): Provide gallery control of the practice areas and to regulate access to and
from all practice facilities for the contestants and tournament officials. To update player names on the
signage at each station. Should be comfortable driving a golf cart for player transportation. Some lifting
required. Monday – Sunday

GOLF CARTS (1a, 1b, 3): Responsible for receiving carts from the supplier, labeling each cart and
distributing carts daily to those volunteers who require the use of a cart. Also responsible for making sure
that all carts are turned in and secured each evening and that all keys are collected daily, as well as
inventorying and assembling all carts for return to the supplier after the tournament. Volunteers will be
needed to work approximately 2 days before the tournament and up to 2 days after the tournament.
Volunteers are required to be able to operate a golf cart, also be able to check and fill gas tanks on gas
carts. Monday - Sunday

GOLF CHANNEL SPOTTER (3, 4): Multiple duties that might include walking with a group of players and
relaying shot information back to the Golf Channel, assisting with on-course microphones or hand-held
cameras, or driving air personalities on the course. Volunteers must be familiar with golf, able to walk the
course, drive golf carts, and must agree to work all three days of the actual tournament. This committee
is reserved for volunteers pre-appointed to the Golf Channel Spotter committee. Friday - Sunday

HOSPITALITY TRANSPORTATION (3): This committee is responsible for providing shuttle cart
transportation to patrons having upscale tickets to the 3 beautiful finishing holes. Volunteers must
be comfortable driving a golf cart in congested areas. Friday - Sunday

HONORARY OBSERVER (4): Assist with implementation and operation of tournament guests granted
access to walk inside the ropes. Assist with logistics, credential distribution, guidelines, escorting guests
to #1 and/or #10 tee, and photo distribution process. This committee is reserved for volunteers preappointed
to the Honorary Observer committee. Friday - Sunday

LEADERBOARD: Manually update player names and scores on the main leaderboard on the 18th green.
The job requires volunteers to climb a 6-foot ladder or move a ladder on a track with wheels. You must be
comfortable working on a narrow gangway, 6 feet in the air and be able to lift 20 lbs. with
assistance. Leaderboard shifts are Friday through Sunday, late morning through end of play. Friday -

MARSHALS (3): Provide gallery control for the Championship. Assigned to a specific hole for the week.
Must be able to stand for long periods of time outdoors. Must also be able to walk 2-3 holes of the golf
course unassisted. Should be flexible as to start or end times based on the schedule of play.
Wednesday – Sunday

MEDIA CENTER: This committee assists the PGA TOUR Champions media officials with the registration
and the welcoming of local, national, and international journalists who are in attendance to promote the
Mitsubishi Electric Classic to the public as a world class event. Volunteers should be comfortable with
driving a golf cart if asked. Monday - Sunday

OFFICE ADMINISTRATION (2):  Work in the Tournament Office prior to and during tournament week.
Volunteers will assist in general administrative duties to include but not limited to answering phones,
taking ticket orders, and assisting in large mailings. Key components are the ability to problem solve and
think logically in a fast-paced environment as tournament week begins and as the public needs
assistance with tournament information. In addition to tournament week activity, this committee requires
volunteers to work additional shifts approximately 2 weeks prior to the tournament and 1 week after the
tournament. Ideally, although not required, office volunteers would be available to start assisting in the
office once a week starting the end of February or as needed for projects such as volunteer and sponsor
credential packing preparations.

ON COURSE REFRESHMENTS / PUBLICATIONS (3): Help assure the success of the tournament by
providing both golfers and volunteers with beverages, ice, and information. Volunteers will place
beverages and ice in coolers at each tee, as well as coolers at various locations around the course.
Volunteers also place fruits and snacks at various locations for the golfers. Another responsibility is to
place spectator and pairings guides at various locations during the tournament. Volunteers for this
committee must be able to lift up to 40 pounds and be able to operate a golf cart. The committee works in
split shifts with the morning shift beginning as early as 6:00am, and the afternoon shift works until play is
finished for the day. Monday - Sunday

PLAYER SERVICES: Responsible for registering the players, collecting entry fees, and providing any
other services that they need during tournament week. This committee has two shifts per day, 7:00am-
12:30 and 12:30-6:00pm. Monday – Sunday

PLAYER TRANSPORTATION (2): Assist with the transportation needs of the players and their families
through the assignment of tournament provided courtesy vehicles. This includes player transportation
from Atlanta-area airports to the tournament, as well as individual local requests. You must have a valid
driver's license. Player transportation committee hours are based on demand. Shifts start the Sunday
before tournament play and run through the day after tournament play, when vehicles are returned to the
dealership. PT committee headquarters will be manned from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Committee members
will not be personally responsible for gas for the tournament vehicles nor will they need to pay for parking
at the airport. This is a wonderful opportunity for committee members to have one-on-one drive time with
professional golfers and their family members!

This committee requires extreme physical activity, such as, transporting and setting up tables and chairs
at various locations, and applying mesh to fences and other areas as needed to improve the cosmetic
look of the golf course. Volunteers will also set up and tear down any necessary equipment used for
special events and productions during tournament week. After the tournament, the committee will tear
down and return all tables, chairs, and any other items used during the tournament. This committee
requires that volunteers be available for several days before and after the tournament. Volunteers must
be able to lift up to 40lbs, be able to operate a golf cart, and drive a pick-up truck. Volunteers will have
ample time to watch golf during the tournament or to volunteer for other committees. It's a great
opportunity to work closely with the tournament staff and be a part of the inner workings of this great

PRO-AM REGISTRATION: Manage the amateur player check-in process, gift distribution, and photo
distribution after the round. Volunteers must be friendly and outgoing. Most of this committee works
inside the clubhouse, but a few will be outside, so they must be able to handle the hot or cold
weather. Some volunteers will need to run credit card machines and total merchandise in a retail
environment. Volunteer days and shifts are a little different from other committees. Our volunteer days
are both Wednesday and Thursday. A majority of the shifts are 9 hour shifts, but some are 4 hours each.
Wednesday - Thursday

PRO-AM VALET (1a, 3): Assist with the amateur participant bag drop and pick-up area on pro-am days.
Volunteers are also used to shuttle participants to and from the hospitality area in a golf cart once their
round is complete. Some lifting required. Volunteers are needed from 6am- 6pm. Two shifts are available
each day. Standing may be required for up to 4 hours at a time. Wednesday – Thursday

SPECTATOR INFORMATION (3): Responsible for greeting and disseminating useful information to all
spectators and sponsors. While stationed at the Information Tent, volunteers will manage the distribution
of spectator guides and pairing guides, as well as answer questions regarding directions, pairings, day
specific special events, etc. This committee has shifts every day. May require standing. Monday –

STANDARD BEARERS (3) Youth and/or Adult: Accompany a group of professionals during play and
display their scores in relationship to par on a cumulative basis. The Standard Bearers committee will
consist of volunteers ages 13 and up, who must be able to carry the standard (weighing approximately 5-
7 pounds) for the length of the course. Having a basic knowledge of the golf scoring system is beneficial
but not required. Friday - Sunday

TOURNAMENT SUPPORT (1a, 1b, 3): Tournament support committee volunteers will be assigned on
an as needed basis to any committee. You will perform various roles inside or outside including on the
golf course. Assignments might not be confirmed until you report for duty. Flexibility and adaptability will
be needed. Learning as you go will be the order for the day. Anyone looking to do more than one thing
every day should consider this committee. Monday – Sunday

UNIFORM DISTRIBUTION (2): Inventory, organize and distribute all volunteer apparel and credentials at
night and weekend sessions beginning in late March and continuing through tournament
week. Responsibilities also include management of uniform distribution areas, apparel sales, as well as
exchanges and returns. The Uniform trailer will be operational from 6am until noon on Pro-Am days with
later shifts when tournament play begins. Some moderate lifting required.

VOLUNTEER CENTER (1a, 4): Main duties center around making volunteers feel appreciated and
providing them with an environment to relax and dine. Responsible for the operation and upkeep of the
Volunteer Center. Manage the volunteer check-in process, meal voucher allocation, raffle prize
distribution, and assist in keeping snacks and beverages stocked for volunteers. Especially seeking
helpful, happy, smiling volunteers! Wednesday – Sunday

VOLUNTEER RADIO OPERATIONS (1a, 1b):  Distribute, retrieve and recharge all handheld radios
issued to volunteers. Monitor all channel transmissions to answer or redirect questions and disseminate
information as requested. Radio Operations trailer will be operational 2 hours before play begins until 1
hour after play ends each day of tournament week. Wednesday - Sunday

VOLUNTEER SHUTTLES (1a, 1b): Drive volunteers in 12-passenger vans from the volunteer parking lot
to the Volunteer Headquarters Tent and designated stops around the golf course. Must be at least 18
years old with a valid driver's license. Shuttle vans will be operational 2-1/2 hours prior to play until all
volunteers are returned to the volunteer parking lot each evening of tournament week. Wednesday -

WALKING SCORERS (1a, 1b 3): Walk with a group and keep their score and specific statistics. A good
understanding of the rules of golf and golf etiquette are required, along with a professional appearance
and attitude. You must have the ability to walk 18 holes. You will be issued equipment, which includes a
data radio and a hand-held device to enter the scores and statistical information for each hole. As part of
your 3-day minimum requirement, you will be required to volunteer either the Wednesday or Thursday
Pro-Am day. Also, there is a mandatory instructional session the weekend before the tournament.
Wednesday - Sunday

1a. Morning shifts may begin as early as 5:00 am.
1b. Evening shifts may end as late at 8:00 pm.
2. This committee could be operational for approximately 10 days; before, during and after the
3. Assignment is outdoors, perhaps in the sun and heat.
4. Reserved for pre-appointed volunteers.