Through the implementation of best practices and the empowerment of our fans, event staff, vendors and partners, the Mitsubishi Electric Classic presented by Vensure is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and creating a sustainable future where golf can thrive for future generations to enjoy.

Creating a Circular Economy

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Through a partnership with Circular Solutions Advisors provided by Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED, a circular supply chain is being established to properly execute a recycling program onsite at the 2024 Mitsubishi Electric Classic presented by Vensure to help reduce waste and carbon emissions. Partnership includes initial onsite consultation, followed by recyclable stream & hauler recommendations.

Digital Ticketing

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All spectator tickets will be purchased online and issued / redeemed through the Ticketmaster mobile app to reduce printing and paper onsite.

Golf Course Conservation

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TPC Sugarloaf recently converted 30+ acres of pinestraw areas to Fescue, low maintenance areas allowing less usage of chemicals to maintain. The taller vegetation also stabilizes the soil better than pinestraw, reducing erosion and sedimentation across the landscape of the property. 

Sustainable Materials

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In partnership with Proof of the Pudding, hospitality venues, volunteer HQ and concession stands are utilizing commercially compostable paper goods including:
   • Plates, made from non-harvested palm leaves
   • Food Containers, made from sugarcane
   • Utensils, made from corn / potato resin
   • Beverage Cups, made from corn / potato resin
   • Napkins, made from recycled paper

Tree Re-vegetation

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More than 30, 5”+ caliper trees have been selectively planted across the TPC Sugarloaf property as an initiative to re-vegetate the landscape with native species that can co-exist with the turfgrass varieties that have been selected for this property.

Digital Spectator Guide

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Spectator guides are published digitally as opposed to paper copies to reduce printing and paper onsite.

Food Rescue Program

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Through a partnership with Proof of the Pudding and Goodr, we can safely rescue any excess catered food produced at the tournament. The food is then donated to a local non-profit to meet the greatest need.

Reusable Signage & Banners

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Signage is reused from previous years! We purposefully print signage without any dates to allow the usage of them year after year. This greatly increases their lifespan and reduces the amount of waste coming out of the tournament each year.

Sustainable Packaging:

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In 2018, The Coca-Cola Company, the official soft drink, water, and isotonic partner of the Mitsubishi Electric Classic presented by Vensure, launched a strategy called World Without Waste.  This is a global sustainable packaging platform focused on measurable and interconnected goals, each supported by additional targets – Design. Collect. Partner.

All of the packaging is designed to be 100% recyclable. Bottles collected from events with various partners are used to make new bottles over and over again. This is best demonstrated by the 20oz Coca-Cola bottle beverages now made with 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Water Conservation

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The irrigation system on course at TPC Sugarloaf was updated with more than twice the amount of original irrigation sprinklers allowing the ability to direct the irrigation water more precisely and reduce water usage by only watering areas that are in need.

2024 Sustainability Partners

Circular Solutions Advisors
Coca-Cola Bottling Company United
Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful
One Tree Planted
Proof of the Pudding
TPC Sugarloaf
Waste Eliminators