Birdies For Charity

Since 2012, the Mitsubishi Electric Classic has raised more than $2.5 million dollars for area charities.  The Birdies for Charity program provides metro Atlanta non-profit organizations with a unique and risk-free opportunity to raise additional funds to support their mission.



If you are a charity: Every 501(c)(3) organization is eligible to participate. Once qualified and enrolled, you have the freedom to solicit pledges and know that the heavy lifting of invoicing and administration will be handled by the Mitsubishi Electric Classic.  Pledges and payments without charity designation and donor detail will be applied to the Birdies for Charity Bonus Fund benefiting all participating organizations.

If you are a charity donor: It is gratifying to know that 100% of every pledge collected goes directly to your specified charity. The Mitsubishi Electric Classic covers all administrative costs to make that possible. Plus, the tournament takes its profits each year and delivers a second check worth up to 10% of that charity’s final total to make the deal even sweeter. There is no more impactful way for you to help your favorite organization(s).


Organizations receive 100% of every donation received, PLUS once $1,000 in charitable donations is reached, the organization will receive up to a 10% match on all donations with special thanks to the Gwinnett Championship Foundation.

The matching funds program will be determined based on the total pledges received during the 2021 program and the total matching funds available.  No payment will be made on uncollected pledges.  For a detailed example of how we would calculate the percentage match, please reference our Program Overview.  Donations will be matched at a maximum of 10% for each organization.


Charities receive 100% of every donation collected on their behalf, plus up to an additional 10% in matching funds!  Once the 2021 Birdies for Charity partners are announced, the pledge period will begin.  To make a pledge / donation, download our Pledge Form and follow the instructions.

NOTE:  Please ensure you write the name of the organization you wish to support on the form where it states "CHARITY SELECTION".  The Mitsubishi Electric Classic cannot be responsible for the correct crediting of donations unless the forms are filled out correctly and in their entirety.  Pledges and payments without charity designation and donor detail will be applied to the Birdies for Charity Bonus Pool benefiting all participating organizations.


   Annandale Village

   Coopers Crew

   Eagle Ranch

   Grayson Cluster Schools Foundation


   Special Needs Schools of Gwinnett

   Women's Club of Sugarloaf Country Club



APPLICATIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis thru December 31, 2020 and charities will be contacted regarding their application status once a dertermination has been reached.  To apply, organztaions must have 501(c)(3) status as recognized by the IRS and be registered in metro Atlanta, Georgia.  Please reference our Program Overview for a full list of responsibilities expected of our participating partners.



Below are the downloadable PDF documents for 2021:
Program Overview
2021 Birdies for Charity Application
2021 Birdies for Charity Pledge Form


For questions about the 2021 Birdies for Charity program, please contact Ashley Hamilton, Assistant Tournament Director via E-mail or 770-232-5138.